Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fashion First Destinations - Bazaar Fashion Festival Part II

For Bazaar Fashion Festival 2014 this year, Fashion First and Rimowa present the new collection from 9 designers. The theme was Destinations, showing the collections which inspired by cultures and people of  Cape Town, Stockholm, London, Los Angeles, Kyoto, Salzburg, Barcelona, Egypt and Yogyakarta.

BARCELONA - Amanda Rahardjo

 photo IMG_9287_zps3670c908.jpg

 photo IMG_9288_zpsfdb05540.jpg

 photo IMG_9293_zps8df17ee7.jpg

 photo IMG_9295_zps46d2a07c.jpg

LONDON - Rinda Salmun

 photo IMG_9302_zps9bf03e7e.jpg

 photo IMG_9305_zps264ef837.jpg

 photo IMG_9313_zps6838db18.jpg

 photo IMG_9315_zpsd06119e7.jpg

EGYPT - ISIS by Andrea Risjad and Amot Syamsuri

 photo IMG_9319_zpsf5ec295a.jpg

 photo IMG_9322_zps9c284d29.jpg

 photo IMG_9323_zps2a78e4d1.jpg

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