Monday, September 29, 2014

TOM TOM Review

I went to TOM TOM a few weeks ago.. I actually have gone there for several times.. And I love each time I went there..

I love the vibe that TOM TOM give throughout the restaurant, with the wooden tables and the chairs just give you the comfort feeling to stay longer there.

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So now let's talk about FOOD!! *foodgasm alert*

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Tom Yum Taley (IDR 88.000,-)

I love their Tom Yum! The spicy and sour seafood broth with lots (seriously generous) of seafood in it. Prawns, sliced squid, mushrooms, fish ball topped with coriander leaves. So refreshing!
My boyfriend, Mr. E, who doesn't really like tom yum before (because sometimes it's too sour) love this one so much..

 photo IMG_7960_zps9b293729.jpg

Keng Ped Khai (IDR 58.000,-)

This is Thai Green Curry with Chicken and Eggplant. Perfectly cooked chicken and green eggplant. Pretty nice!

 photo IMG_7959_zps8ac50e57.jpg

Honey Garlic Crispy Chicken (IDR 50.000,-)

I love this crispy chicken soooo much! I can't stop eating this, although it might looked a bit odd since there's so many basil leaves in there but the that leaves makes everything better.. Definitely a recommended dish!

 photo IMG_7955_zpsa34652e7.jpg

Kai Ho Bai Teay (IDR 40.000,-)

Traditional deep fried chicken infused with pandan fragant with sweet soy sauce. I think the chicken need more pandan fragant because I can barely taste and smell pandan on it also the soy sauce was just a little bit ordinary.

 photo IMG_7954_zps249a2be4.jpg

Khao Pad Keprau Kai (IDR 55.000,-)

This is also a recommended dish, spicy, savory and fragant. Mixed the rice with the minced chicken together, so tasty!

 photo IMG_7949_zpscc6d8010.jpg

Lychee Tea (IDR 28.000,-)

A pretty nice Lychee Tea..

 photo IMG_7948_zps36c55d18.jpg

Thai Iced Tea (IDR 28.000,-)

I'm a sucker for Thai Iced Tea and this iced tea pretty much what I wish for. I drink 3 glasses of this tea (it shows how much I love thai iced tea). Love it! *sluurp*

 photo IMG_7946_zpsca48aeb2.jpg

Khao Niaw Mango (IDR 45.000,-)
A fan of the mango (so sweet and nice) but not quite a fan of the sticky rice and coconut cream. I guess the coconut cream was a little too thick for me.

 photo DSC_1007_zpst1cxrcv0.jpg

Overall it's a pretty tasty experience, I will definitely back for more..

Grand Indonesia
5th Floor, West Mall.
instagram: @tomtomjkt


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