Sunday, May 25, 2014

One Piece Hair Studio

Been so bored with my hair lately, so I decided to dye them.
I went to One Piece Hair Studio in Central Park for the last two weeks. On the first week, I just cut them to get more layers and get rid of my 'ex-smoothing' hair (but not all of them).
And on the next week, I dye them 'ORANGE'. Hahaha..
Well, I didn't bleach them so it turns out to be a burgundy-chocolaty kind of color.
At first I wanted to dye them brown at the top and blue on the bottom but I need to bleach them to let the blue pop out. I was too afraid to bleach them because there were still so many of my 'ex-smoothing' hair and I think when you bleach your hair, you really  need to take great care of your hair.. And I'm a type of person who doesn't really take great care of my hair.
My hair stylist, Mas Dayat, also said that I have lots of hair and curly and tend to get so dry if I bleach them.
But I totally love how my hair turned out to be.. I asked Mas Dayat to make my hair ombre but instead of going ombre from Dark through Light, I ask him to make Light into Dark.. Sort of reversed ombre..  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I truly recommended One Piece Hair Studio to take care of your hair, either cut or dyed. They really take great care of your hair, I mean they use products which is less damaging for your hair. They didn't use hair spray, but you'll still have a great blow result and stay pretty strong for long. And people there were so friendly and nice. I will definitely be back for another treatment. 

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