Sunday, May 18, 2014

Chop chop chop!

The new path of life has begun, I mean graduated from university makes me feel that I'm an adult which have so many responsibilities. I somehow feel more mature (I guess). Excited what the future gonna brings and how my life will turned out to be..

I've cut and dyed my hair yesterday, simply to have a new look. I was bored with my hair and decided to dye them. You will see my new hair in the next couple of post.. :)

wearing: White biker jacket, Zara | Printed vest, Zara | Maxi skirt, DIT | Dusty pink watch, Ice Watch | Sneaker wedges, Jeffrey Campbell

 photo IMG_6976copy_zps1ea34ab7.jpg

 photo IMG_6998copy_zpsc8a6fbcd.jpg

 photo IMG_7003_zps9877ff98.jpg

 photo IMG_7010copy_zps5031947e.jpg

 photo IMG_6992copy_zps754a6000.jpg

 photo IMG_6982copy_zps02a69b45.jpg

 photo IMG_7000copy_zps223fa83a.jpg

 photo IMG_6988copy_zps2b4f4e31.jpg

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Jacketnya keren paraah!!