Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Skull, Flower and Stripes

Hello hello!!!!!

Yes, I'm back again from the dead.. Been doing some campus things around these days and my head was just so full of things to think and then finally I miss blogging.. So now I blog again.. LOL

Well, it's been a few months since I started dating R. We do fight but we love each other. Haha.. I'll introduce him to you all someday (actually you've been seeing his hand on the last 2 posts).

Here is the outfit I wore on the last post..

wearing :
Nikicio Femme SS12 Panel Floral Blazer, Forever21 striped shirt, Asos Indigo Jeans, Up Galaxy Print Wedges, Greedy Sassy Skull Collar Necklace, Thrifted Bag

 photo IMG_4285_zpsbe3e5ffd.jpg

 photo IMG_4297_zps68e25bd3.jpg

 photo IMG_4296_zpsf75c079a.jpg

 photo IMG_4276_zps750d1367.jpg

 photo IMG_4290_zpsea62f7bb.jpg

 photo IMG_4298_zps9ce8f6e4.jpg

 photo IMG_4286_zps1fe54e02.jpg


METROX LOVES YOU the blog. said...

we love this look. perfect on you :)

Drop by our blog if you have time.
Lotsa love,

Melinda Jewell said...

i love ur striped shirt and wedges. When will u see ur bf in ur blog? LOL