Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Hello peeps! Been so long since my last post, so busy with so many things lately..
So I got invited to Aksara X Monocle last week.. There were so many people coming and so packed.. Here is a glimpse of the epic event..

 photo IMG_4220_zpsb41705a9.jpg

 photo IMG_4222_zpsd1a3df36.jpg

 photo IMG_4223-1_zpsa400faa8.jpg

 photo IMG_4229_zps464e4663.jpg

 photo IMG_4236_zps1f13c96f.jpg

 photo IMG_4238_zpsf9187377.jpg

 photo IMG_4241_zpsadc02b5c.jpg

 photo IMG_4242_zpsdde510ab.jpg

 photo IMG_4244_zps24475a35.jpg

 photo IMG_4247_zps09d3c473.jpg

 photo IMG_4251_zps9e0905a8.jpg

 photo IMG_4246_zps94f1e9cd.jpg

 photo IMG_4245_zpsb06c7927.jpg

 photo IMG_4248_zps88742665.jpg

 photo IMG_4255_zps0e60456f.jpg

 photo IMG_4252_zps82ee3183.jpg

 photo IMG_4256_zpsfa03e247.jpg

 photo IMG_4265_zpsfac664fc.jpg

 photo IMG_4257_zps33dbcc80.jpg

 photo IMG_4258_zps58fea7ab.jpg

 photo IMG_4260_zps47c19cb4.jpg

 photo IMG_4269_zps84c22718.jpg

 photo IMG_4286_zps1fe54e02.jpg


Ace Maxs Pusat said...

Thanks for informations.. :)

fhenny said...

looks like a great event!
i loove monocle magazine!


Alexa Carey said...

Seems like a really cool and interesting event

Surya Adhi said...

wow ... this is very interesting, sometime I also want to here, hehehe ... :D

Miss K said...

love your jacket!

Miss K said...

love your jacket!

rumah dijual di surabaya said...

thanks for information