Thursday, September 9, 2010


Howdy y'all? It's been weeks since my last post.. Sorry guys for the lack of updates.. It's been a very hectic weeks and I was just too lazy to post something lately.. Well.. Hey! I'm back!! :)

Yesterday.. I went break-fasting with my girls at Warung Kita at Gandaria City.. We talk, eat, and talk.. lol
It's fun!! I love them so much.. We're like so close to each other.. We shared things, even our private little love life... :)

wearing : sheer blouse,my mom's ; red and white stripe vest,zara ; red belt with birdie buckle,juice ; black skinny jeans,unbranded ; bag,my mom's ; t-bared shoes,wondershoe



Ctoonz said...

ur bag is very cute and vintage! :D

CLIFF from

selly octavia said...

thank you.. :)