Thursday, September 16, 2010

Eyes of The Star

Hey there!!! Yesterday was a F-U-N Day!!! I met Bethanny and her boyfriend.. Then after that I met my friends, Kiki and Adit.. Yup!! Meeting up with two couples at one time.. I don't have one! T_T

Nah.. Just kidding.. I'm not that sad.. I'm single and Happy.. Nothing else matters...

Anyway.. We went to Carl's Junior that day.. Then we're playing with our Chicken Star!
After that me, Kiki and Adit went to Gramedia to buy some campus supplies.. Oh and we also went to FUN World to play games!! Yay!! A very FUN day!

wearing : gray headband,DIY ; off white leotard,topshop ; high-waisted sans-culotte,my mom's ; creamy bag,custom made ; tribal sueded loafers,hush puppies

I love my new loafers from Hush Puppies that I got on Ebay.. It's only $ 10.99 + $ 16.99 for shipping.. And it's new and never been worn! Ain't it crazy? :)

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P.S : I hate my close up face there.. But.. Yeah.. Whatever..


Vera Enjelina said...

Love your vintage style.

mirramie said...

aah what a cute shoes, please tutor me about ebay, i'm still can't buy hehe..


vdcouture said...

looks super fun kak ! and i love your bottoms looks cute and love the cutting, i've been looking for that kind of loafers for long timeeeeee sadly i have to learn how to use ebay :p


selly octavia said...

@vera : thank you.. :)

@mimi, ve : the shoes are marvelous, doesn't it? hhahaha... ayo blajar pake ebay sama akuu.. :))