Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sun and Beam

I planned to take the shots at noon but suddenly it's raining.. And I have to wait for the rain to stop.. Thank you for my brother for taking the shots.. :))

I love this dress from Nikicio.. It's so comfy yet nice.. I love their new collection of NN:02.. The material is so nice and comfortable..

NN:02 dark washed purple with sash dress,nikicio ; faux leather jacket,online shop(totally forgot the name) ; black long socks,sox gallery ; elton john's sunglasses,unbranded ; cross cross wedges,shoezisme ; silver ring,forever21 ; tiger faced ring,kandura



Anonymous said...

heyy kamu pake ukuran brapa NN:02-Nya? reply yah, thaanks :)

vdcouture said...

gosh i love that purple dress kak :) and the wedges is super cute <3


Myria Rafiz said...

aaaahhh uda restock kaah sash dressnya? Lucuuuuu! Me likey the dress, esp the colour! :D :D love the wedges as well, selly!

I Wear Plain Clothes and I Love It

Rimma Izzaty said...

love your purple dress and pink wedges

selly octavia said...

@anonymous : pake size 3.. Agak loose sih.. Tp lebih baik drpd too tight.. Hehe.. Mau beli NN:02 ?

@veve,rimma : thank you.. Harus deh beli NN:02 yg baru.. Enak banget bahannya.. Adeem.. Hehe.. *promosi*

@myria : emang udh abis ya? Tp katanya yg dark wash purple udh abis ya? Ini aku pesennya udh sekitar 2 minggu yg lalu sih.. Soalny nungguin signature dress tmn aku..

yuke said...

nice :) visit mine too! mucho thankso

dsy said...

cute dress!! looks good on you!
I'm also eyeing on that dress, but in different color.. need to wait until it restocks tho..
btw, does the dress shrink after washing?

Vina said...

keren stylenya!