Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Brother and Sister

Went out with my little brother to Grand Indonesia today.. It's rarely happened.. I seldom went out together (just the two of us) with my brother.. I guess it's bro and sis time.. :))

wearing : back cut-out tees,DIY ; nude tanks (as inner),unbranded ; faux leather leggings,ebay ; skull necklace (worn as bracelet),g.h.o.s.t ; purple batik shoes,kulkith ; brown bag,reverse

I got free Burger and Yogurt today.. Call it free dinner then.. lol
I followed Smooch Yogurt, Carl's Jr. Indonesia and Grand Indonesia on twitter.. And then today.. I got these..

Free 100gr Yogurt of  your choice from Smooch Yogurt 

1 big burger from Carl's Jr. called Famous Star

Almost forgot.. Happy Fasting everyone who celebrate!! Minal Aidin wal Faidzin..


Myria Rafiz said...

nice cutout DIY tees! :D
Wow, lucky you and your brother! I also spent tonite with mysist, grabbing some burger and ice cream at McD!

I Wear Plain Clothes and I Love It

vdcouture said...

looks fun, cute tees :)


Teresa said...

Awesome bracelet!