Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chicken Grilled Ramen + Polkadots

Went to Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia with my brother and sister today to have dinner..
It's the first time I eat Ramen.. LOL
It was good.. Better than I expected.. :))

wearing : polkadot and crown patterned blazer,my mom's ; baby pink tanks,topshop ; big black shiny belt,orange ; white shorts,unbranded ; watch,Chrstian Alexandre ; black envelope bag,royal queen store ; gray tights,unbranded ; black sateen azahari shoes,wondershoe

outer + tanks + belt + short
same theme but different style

my sister is wearing : faux leather jacket,adore ble stores ; pink base tanks,unbranded ; skinny orange bejeweled belt,Charles & Keith ; jeans shorts,cut levi's strauss ; sneakers,converse

I got this with only $9


Vina Sagita said...

serius itu forever21 cuma 90ribu?

by the way, ramen is good isn't it? many of my friends say that it's just like indomie. lol. but i prefer ramen than udon..

selly octavia said...

serius banged.. haha.. good finding,ha? haha

it's really good actually.. i love the texture of the noodle.. it's chewy and soft at the same time.. i've never had udon.. maybe next time i'll have it..

udon itu yg mie nya gendut2 ya?

nitya said...

I ever tasted the ramen grilled chicken @ Sushi tei too!
That was nice..
I love your style, but the quality of your pictures doesn't reflect your face and style well

but i like your blog!

selly octavia said...

nitya : i'm so glad that you like my blog.. yeah i know.. the pictures are really bad.. my camera is broken and the only thing i got is my phone camera.. i'll figure something out someday..

follow my blog


Vina Sagita said...

iya udon mi yg gendut2.. i don't recommend ichiban sushi's udon. kelembekan. hehe

selly octavia said...

haha.. trus enakan makan udon d mana?