Sunday, December 20, 2009

Read My Red Lips

Groceries shopping with my siblings and my dad today.. As usual, I bought some chips and chocolates of course.. LOL

Well, I've been a red lips fan lately.. Although my sister and brother keep complaining about it, I still put that red lipstick on my lips... I-LOVE-IT...

wearing : chained headband,unbranded ; long black cardy,unbranded ; white tanks,unbranded ; orange jeweled skinny belt,Charles & Keith ; black short,Old Navt ; purple batik shoes,kulkith

Ouu.. I almost forgot... Yesterday I spent my time with my girls.. It's been long since we met... I miss them so much.. Technically my gang consist of 10 people (including me) but there were only 5 people that could come to the gathering... It's sad but what else could we done.... They got something more important to do... I miss u my "OKE" friends..

What I eat... (Bad picture.. Sorry)
I had sashimi... It's so good..

ami, me,fika,ine,amel
Didn't really catch what I wore yesterday.. To busy chatting with them.. :)


GRICIA said... lips can make huge difference to our casual outfit ^__^

selly octavia said...

definitely agree with that... :))