Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'm a Shoes Girl

Thank God.. They're finally here... Wohoo...
(well, actually.. They came yesterday morning..)

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Left : Pink Nubuck ; Right : Black Sateen Azahari

From Wondershoe

Cropped Lace Shoulder Pad Outer from Elowve B. House


hannah. said...

i love the black sateen azahari!


selly octavia said...

yeah... you should buy it then.. it's gorgeous... :))

Myria Rafiz said...

both shoes are very gorgeous! i used to be in love with the black shoes, but i made up my mind after i saw the pink one :D
nice shoes darla!

selly octavia said...

yeah, me too.. Actually I used to hate pink shoes.. But right after I saw that pink shoes.. I changed my mind.. I think it's okay to have a pink shoes... LOL

Eleanor said...

wondershoe is cute as always <3

Vina Sagita said...

me like the pink one. too bad Wonders don't have my size and i'm too lazy to order online coz i don't wanna wait 3 weeks. hehe

selly octavia said...

eleanor : totally agree
vina sagita : well, it's true that you have to wait 3 weeks (sometimes even more) to get one of their shoes.. but it's worth to wait though.. haha.. you should try to buy their shoes.. :))