Monday, September 21, 2009

Nasi Kebuli + Kabbab + Noodle

Visiting my mother's cousins today and I eat lots of food...
#1 Nasi Kebuli.. I don't know how to call that cuisine.. Well it's Arabian food..
#2 Kabob or Shawarma.. Another Arabian food...
#3 Noodle, a Chicken Noodle(Mie Ayam??)

And that 3 Food was made by my mother's cousin, my uncle to be exact... He owned a small food stall in Karang Anyar.. Isn't that nice??
What can I say we have a great cook blood in the family.. It runs in the family... Haha...

wearing : black top,kamiseta ; asymmetric brown cardy,orange ; envelope bag,royal queen store ; black shiny leather look leggings,ebay ; brown shiny peep toe ankle boots,custom made

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