Sunday, February 22, 2009

the new Improved KFC DH (with lounge, internet, and life music)

I went to see my friends to do ARISAN (if don't know that just go to my older post about arisan). There was only a few people that came to the Arisan. It was so sad. I miss all of my friends.... my OKE gank..

I want to wear this yesterday.. but because of the hot weather of Jakarta yesterday, i changed my mind in the last minute.. unfortunately i can't have the full photos of the outfit of yesterday.. :(

from head to toe : blazer,my mom's ; white dress,somewhere in JaCC ; skirt (under the dress),my mom's ; flat gladiator shoes,Belle

me and my sister.. she just want to take part of the shoot.. haha..

my sister's from head to toe : hi-shine blue minis,bought in a Seventeen Magz bazaar ; chocolate shorts,somehere in Blok A Tanah Abang ; shoes,custom made

me and my friends

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