Sunday, February 8, 2009

DIY feather headpiece

i just love feather thing.. so then i make this by myself.. if you want to make some.. here it is..

you just need.. a glue gun, a hairpin, fake feathers, some beads or jewel stone, an old sock, scissor, some lace, a neddle and a sewing thread

#1 cut the sock into to part like this

#2 cut the socks so it become like this

#3 then cut it into a tear drop shape like this

#4 put some glue gun on the side of the hairpin, then stick it to the tear drop shaped sock

#5 stick some feather into the sock with the glue gun

#6 stick some stone jewels and beads as much as you want

#7 sew the lace

voila! there you have it a feather headpiece..


Mouthwash said...

nice!! Very ceative!

selly octavia said...

thx so much

karl's sweet child said...

Make one for me will ya? I can't stand cute headpieces.. ;-)

selly octavia said...

well.. boleh2.. beneran mau???

karl's sweet child said...

Lo ke deh.. Bisa ga buat yg kaya gitu? Hehehe.. Klo bisa gw mau..

selly octavia said...

haha.. what a challenge.. ntar d coba deh.. gw cari bahan2nya dulu ya.. hehe.. :)