Tuesday, December 2, 2008

what's going on in my life for these 2 weeks

on tuesday 2 weeks ago i went to Grand Indonesia to buy a gift for my friend's wife and i bought a charm bracelet for myself. i planned to add some charm on it later

on friday night 2 weeks ago i play dress up game.. haha.. yippie!! happy me!

and then on saturday 2 weeks ago i gathered with my best friends in high school for an Arisan. we went to a restaurant called Pondok Seafood but unfortunately Ami can't come because of her homework. T-T i miss 'cha all guys..

then.. we go to Cilandak Town Square to watch Jak Jazz mini concert. We watched Syaharani and Tompi there. oow, btw Tompi played my favorite song, LOVE, in his beautiful way.. Long live Tompi.. hahahaha.. What a night!! ^_^ haappy daaaayyyy...

this is the video of Tompi performing my favorite song,LOVE, enjoy... (sorry for a not clear sound and picture, bad digital camera. haha.)



GRICIA said...

hi..i'm also newbie in blog..haha..
salam kenal yha..sm2 share bout fashion and food yha.. =)

selly octavia said...

okay.. it's such a pleasure to meet you...