Monday, December 29, 2008

lil' thing called purple

I bought 3 purple items yesterday.. weird.. haha..

an ethnic-kind-of-satin-dress, a purple headband that can be use as a belt also, and a mini-long-T-Shirt-kind-of-dress

and a grey oversized cardyi can take a picture of those on my body.. we'll see that tomorrow when i have my batteries for my camera


Atira. said...

ouhhhh cool stuff!
i love the grey cardie! especially!

tara said...

hey liat BLOG HOTTALOTTA.BLOGSPOT.COM ya buat ikut voting siapa yg thhe best antara DIANA RIKASARI n SUSIE STYLE BUBBLE ok. I'll be wait

selly octavia said...

thx atira.. let's see how it looks on me tomorrow.. hehe..