Monday, February 15, 2016

Batik in Venice

Venice is already colorful on its way but I wanna add another color so then I wore Batik on my trip in Venice. It was pretty fascinating actually. Well, the color of batik really pop out. It was really nice.

Tubular Shawl, Unbranded
Batik Top, Mirota Batik
Gray Slit Skirt, H&M
Jeans, H&M
Assorted Rings
Lambskin Boots, Juwex

 photo IMG_1412_zpss0scurpf.jpg

 photo IMG_1414_zpshrr519vo.jpg

 photo IMG_1417_zps8t4s0dnm.jpg

 photo IMG_1413_zpsd1do6w2n.jpg

 photo IMG_1444_zpsykobjwkw.jpg

 photo IMG_1450_zpsi5ehkfie.jpg

 photo IMG_1427_zps3rcno1se.jpg

 photo IMG_1402_zpspnuphghn.jpg

 photo IMG_1405_zpspdycltph.jpg

 photo IMG_1392_zps7robuabw.jpg

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