Sunday, December 21, 2014


So me and Lulut found this amazing spot in Central Park Mall, it's like hidden in the park. It was so cool, it's like an added effect to the photos. I think it was supposed to be a Christmas ornament or something. 

I used to be a sporty kind of girl, well now I still am, sometimes. When I was a kid, I play basketball a lot, at school, at home, until high school. When I was in college, I didn't play as much, since I had to go to work and study. And now, I barely play. I miss playing basketball though. 

wearing: Oversized Football Tees, New Look | Denim Shirt (wrapped around the waist), Levi's | Nude Jeggings, Uniqlo | Shoes, Nike Air Max

 photo IMG_980_zpscef10719.jpg

 photo IMG_9789_zps31f5f74c.jpg

 photo IMG_979_zpsa3a226a3.jpg

 photo IMG_97960_zps13b1fb4a.jpg

 photo IMG_9808_zpsad6f74b5.jpg

 photo IMG_9806_zps322b24dd.jpg

Shot by Lulut

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