Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Independence Day Indonesia

It's been a very proud moment for my family in this beautiful Indonesian Independence Day the 67th.. Why? It's because my sister is one of the troops who could carry the Heirloom Flag (the tray holder).. Although she's not one of the troops who raise the Heirloom Flag in our State Palace and only in the Southern Jakarta Mayor's court but not everybody could do that.. My sister have gone through lots of selection and training within this 5 months.. And the assignment on who's the one who could carry the tray and who's in charge of the troops was announced within 30 minutes before the ceremony.. I was just so proud.. The moment the troops marches down the court with my sister holding the tray of the Heirloom Flag was just so indescribable..


more photos coming up!!
Have a Happy day guys!

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lola said...

jaya terus indonesia!!