Friday, March 4, 2011

Fascinating Ice

Went out for dinner at Magnum Cafe with Adit and Kiki.. And then met Rissa and Rein at Leko..
A rather fascinating experience having dinner at Magnum Cafe.. The called their customer with "My Lord (male) or My Lady (female) instead of Sir or Ma'am.. As you all might have known, magnum is an ice cream.. So you might guess that they only serve dessert or cold dish.. If you guess so, then you're so wrong.. They serve variety food from appetizer to main course and of course dessert.. A few of their appetizer and main course are using magnum.. Curious much? Just come to Magnum Cafe which is only open for 3 months until this Mei 2010.. Enjoy! :)

wearing :
baby pink sweater, zara ; fringe shawl, cottonink ; pants, zara ; shoes, hush puppies


mirramie said...

aww i'm drooling sel, hehe..

Veronica said...

Cute blog!
Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
Thank you so much!

si kecil merica said...

ngggggggg mungkin maksudnya sampai mei 2011 kali ya, btw menu apa yg paling enak?

Dana Paramita said...

i want to go to magnum cafe but it so far from here :(
by the way, nice look <3

michelle_ said...

yum ! those food at magnum cafe looks SUPER yummy !

glisters and blisters

Sassyaa said...

hei cantikkk where is the cafe places..? ;)

visit and follow my blog baby :)

Watch The Middle said...

awesome, nice pic


loooong queue :/

we're csx! said...

first time drop a comment on your blog! :D
love your blog. What was magnum cafe like?
visit and leave a comment on our blog yah..:D