Thursday, December 16, 2010

(X)SML Plaza Senayan Launching

I was invited to see the launching of the new store of (X)SML at Plaza Senayan Jakarta. The concept of the store was interesting and fun! There were a lot games held that day but I couldn't see them because I was quite late..

Things you will find at (X)SML Plaza Senayan 2nd Floor...

Suitcases everywhere, inside there were a lot of accessories from earrings to bracelets even shoes.


I love the way they show the accessories, maybe this could be a DIY project one day


Trousers, dresses, tops hanging like a chandelier
(X)SML clothing were casual, chic and fun.. The detail of the cutting, colors, and pattern was gorgeous and nice..


Bags, shawls, lookbook


SHOOOEESSS!!!!! This one is my favorite...

The people who come to the show.. Look at the crowd at the cashier! There was a 20% discount on that opening day.. People are going crazy! Hahaha...




with my friend, Rissa

I met Fhenny from Little Miss Fhenny.. She's nice..
And also met Gricia and Ario Achda there.. :)


Bangles as the merchandise



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