Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's Casual and Cool, It's Cotton Ink


 "We call it casual with a twist"

The latest collection of Cotton Ink "Casual Cool" are released this November. The Collection really shows how rich basic clothing are. The color that they play, the material, really tell us that you can look Casual and Cool at the same time. This is what I love about Cotton Ink. The can manage to make a basic clothing to a whole new level.

It's kind of hard to favorite things in their collections especially the latest one, because I think they all look pretty and nice.. :)

Well, these are a few of my favorite things..

Light Blue Drape Cardigan

A 2-way look beautiful cardigan with drape in front. Wear it with closure to make it more sporty or wear it as it is with the drapery falling down. Wear it with basic tank top, boxy tee or with a dress - the cardigan is very versatile for every body type.

This cardigan is really lovely, you can either wear it with closure or with drapery falling down.. While the color is really calm and nice. It will feel nice when you wore this cardigan.. It's like a mood booster.. :)

Luxe Viscose Twotone Dress

A simple and understated loose dress in viscose beige and black. The super smooth and fluid viscose jersey creates a nice drape to your body. A twist to the classic LBD - this twotone dress can be worn casually with tights. Dress it up with jewellery and stilletos for cocktail party in the weekends.

What I love about this dress is the combination of beige and black in one dress.. It's like perfect!

Drawstring Skirt with Pockets

A drawstring skirt with side pockets in comfortable cotton. Perfect for weekends - pair it with the luxe viscose tee or your favorite tank top. The drawstring skirt features two side pockets and a contrast grey drawstring in the front. Slightly longer at the back.

This drawstring skirt is one of the pieces that can be fun to play with.. You can put a nice loose tank top or a boxy tee or even a shirt.. Then you can add a drape cardigan or a leather jacket to make it even more dashing! It's a single skirt on multiple style of outfits! :)

You can simply click here to buy their collection or just look at their lookbook!
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Renra Cikatos said...

salam sejahtera....makasih sobat infonya sangat berguna buat saya. saya suka sama artikel yang sobat tulis, sangat menarik. salam kenal yach..semoga blog sobat tambah sukses.goodluck..

selly octavia said...

terima kasih..
saya senang sekali jika Anda menyukainya.. :)