Sunday, August 16, 2009


As usual, in Indonesia, we have different kind of activities to celebrate our Independence Day at 17th August, 2009. Yesterday I became a jury of a traditional clothing competition which is being worn by children in a kindergarten (I used to be a student in this kindergarten.. :)) It's fun to see all those children walking on the catwalk like some kind of models... I was laughing a LOT!

wearing : white shirt,borrowed from my lil sis ; flower tube dress,DIT ; belt,orange ; creamy chocolate bag,custom made ; mary-jane shoes,crocs

My mom was also a jury of Fried Rice competition...

Food Porn

I always love children


At night.. I was attending Night of Awards of High School Theater Festival Jabodetabek 2009..
I don't have the photos of the outfit that I'm wearing...

As the alumnus of 6 High School Jakarta I was proud that we're in the 4th and got the BEST SCRIPT "Mimesasiso"
Although last year we won the 1st place, BEST DIRECTOR, BEST ACTRESS, and other trophies (I forgot) I was already proud of what we've achieves this year.. Because we've already give the vest of us... I love Enhakam!


karl's sweet child said... cute :)

selly octavia said...

thank youuu.. :))

Stain On My Red Shoes said...

hi Selly, kalo mau nomer telpon yang bikin sepatu itu email gw ya di purpleprojectfashion(at)